Llama With No Drama Goes On Vacations Around The World

Posted on Travel 55

One happy llama against the world’s drama defines ‘Llama With No Drama’ herself.

With this motto she’s traveling around the world and living a drama-free life. Here are the proofs.

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Watching the view in Guatape

Spending the day in museums and libraries

Chilling in South Beach

Having fun at Disney World

Resting in a hammock in Filandia

Relaxing in Central Park

Strolling in Times Square

Attending Sofar Sounds events

Jogging in Palm Beach

Understanding Picasso deeper at MoMA

Enjoying a huge Sundae -because calories are humans’ problem

Hello spring!

Dear New York weather, unfortunately you’re not as cute as my pinky ears

Feels good to be home for a few days

Mom mom

Running the last errands of the day

I believe I can fly

Not sure if these are my ancestors

Hello Palm Beach!

Feel like a grownup. Already in love with sunrises

Spending time in nature does wonders for the soul

What about carousels with llamas instead of horses?

Llama perspective

Did I tell you that spring is my second favorite season after fall?

Morning Medellin!


Love you all!

Feeling good!

Llama in Palm Beach Island

Me, myself and I. On a bench by the ocean. Just peaceful


I made some new friends today and they’re pretty cool

Can you see me?

After a week spent in NYC, this is all I need!

Look who stopped by to say hi today!

See you tomorrow, sun!