I Use Macro Lens To Capture Fragile Beauty Of Polish Nature

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I live in Poland (Rumia). I’ve been taking pictures for four years. I am an amateur. I am a nature photographer. I love to hang out in the meadow, observe nature and capture it in a photograph. Some photographs I make at home, by the light of the setting sun from the window.

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Beautiful background with bubbles owe manual by lens Pentacon 50 / F1.8. This is a difficult objective, but once mastered it can create colorful impressions.

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Och! You my gold!

Hydrangea and bokeh

Moonlit night

Physalis alkekengi

In resting


The smell of purple

The bad

Diamond heart

It’s snowing

Fuchsia and emerald

Winter impression

Pinch of autumn

Snow variation

Brown and ultramarine

Wuthering impressions

Crazy Autumn