French Photographer Réhahn Has Met 49 Out Of The 54 Tribes Of Vietnam

Renowned french photographer Réhahn has spent 7 years researching the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Some of these groups have as little as 300 members while others have up to one million. The artist has already found 49 of them and has opened a free museum with all the traditional costumes in Hoi An (Central Vietnam).

More info:

The O Du ethnic group (smallest group, 376 people)

The Brau ethnic group (397 people only in Vietnam)

An Phuoc, from the Cham ethnic group

The Dao ethnic group

Ly Ca Su, 91 years old, from the La Hu

The Cao Lan ethnic group

The Kho Mu ethnic group

The Si La (5th smallest group, 840 people)

The pink Ha Nhi

The Ma ethnic group

The black Ha Nhi

The Ede ethnic group

The Xo Dang ethnic group

The Chu Ru ethnic group

The Hre ethnic group

The Pa Then ethnic group

The Ta Oi ethnic group

One of the 5 rooms at the Precious Heritage Museum