Following The Lives Of My Two Brother Cats For 6 Years

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We have been together for six years, me and my two cats Bink and Pip. Since I became their human I have been capturing their lives on camera. They can be majestic, cute or just plain old silly.

Take a peek into the lives of these two brothers.

More info:

Lazy Days

When I was just a Kitten – Bink

When I was just a Kitten – Pip

Laundry Day

Luv u

Just Chillin’

Mine, you hear

Game Over

Break time

Dreaming of Flying Mice

Gypsy Cat

Mon amie!

Brothers on the Lookout

The Show must go on

Fruit Bowl Kitty


Blues and Reds

Grand Dreams

I’ll take care of you


Lazy Boy

The two of us


Sleepy Brothers

I’m majestic

Sweet Dreams