Discover The Life Of This Couple Of Stormtroopers On Earth Through Instagram

Posted on Entertainment 6

When we were kids we had a dream, it was growing up and get to work for Darth Vader. We were lucky enough to miss all our shots and still make it! We had such a great time working in the Death Star, but things didn’t end up well there. You may have heard about it.

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Now here we are, in a new mission learning about this planet, and we are having the time of our lives! It took a while getting used to traffic jams here without our Tie-Fighters, and neighbors looking scared at us when sharing the lift in the morning. But the worst part, was having no friends. Strangers in this place, we decided to join Instagram community, sharing our daily stuff, places we visit or simply how our day at the office was. And now we have more than 7,000 friends sharing our adventures there! Come join these troopers and our new life after leaving the Death Star!

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Star Wars toys make me feel like a kid again!

What do you think this is? A giant ewok sculpture or what?

I woke up like this

This planet is so cold, it makes me even miss planets with twin suns…

Good memories about my last summer job at Scariff’s beach

Hey! Is there anybody out there?

Learning about the boss

“I know your eyes”

I can’t wait for playing Battlefront 2! Anyone else wants to play it?

Where’s people?

Donut worry

Bad day at work…?

Child memories…

Coffee anyone…?

Still in hole 1 if you ask…

Long days ahead…

These Forbes lists are OK, but I want to be Trooper of the Year.

It’s been a loooong week in the office, but hey! It is finally Friday!