Challenge: Take Your Fingers On Doodle Adventures

Posted on Art 66

Hey pandas, seeing how much you like challenges I decided to create another one! Here are the rules:

1) Take a good look at your fingers and imagine what they would do if they were alive
2) Doodle on them to give them eyes/hands/emotions (simple gel pen works very well for it!)
3) No digital drawings and please draw on your fingers yourself 🙂

I’ve already made a couple images myself, just to get your creative juices flowing. Looking forward to your doodles!


Oh My Darling

One Kiss

First Date

Singing Kittens

Give Me Your Money!

Happy Couple And Their Friend

Digitus Astartes, The Palm-emperor’s Finest!

Run!!! Oh, wait…

Three Happy Friends

My Tiny Tribute To Alan Rickman. Harry And Snape – Always


I’m Never Drinking Again