Boss Surprises Employees With Balls

Posted on Entertainment 10

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Enormous pits, filled with multi-colored balls is one of those vivid memories, exclusive to childhood. But, according to Lee McAteer, 32, it doesn’t have to be. Lee owns the company Invasion, and he has recently filled its Manchester, England-based office with 250,000 brightly colored plastic balls from Ball Mania MCR. “I believe if you enjoy your job then you never work a day in your life,” he told Mirror. “So I try to make the office as fun as possible. It took us from 3am to 8am to fill the office with quarter of a million balls. We wanted to reward the guys for all their hard work and we like to do things differently.” This is not the first time somebody brings balls to the office to brighten up employees. Imaginarte, the communications agency, has developed this prosthetic accessory, and it is supposed to relieve strees at work. Only it’s a different kind of balls.