Animal Shelter Makes Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial, And It’s A Goddamn Meowsterpiece

Posted on Animals 13

Furkids animal shelter’s hilarious ‘Kitty Kommercial’ is going viral, and it proves you don’t need a high-budget to produce a masterpiece! The rescue organization has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, so it was only fitting to feature a native Atlantan Paul Preston as the main character in a brilliantly improvised video that took only 30 minutes to film.

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While seeing Preston perform like a used car salesman to get the cats adopted will definitely crak you up, it’s important to note that in real life the man is no comedian. Preston is a contractor with a rental property management company, who just happens to be a funny guy.

Actually, it was his sister who originally came up with the idea for the commercial. She is a regular volunteer at Furkids, and couldn’t think of anyone better than her brother to be featured in the video.

Our verdict? Purrr-fection! Now go and adopt some cats.

Furkids animal shelter’s ‘Kitty Kommercial’ proves you don’t need a high-budget to produce a masterpiece!


The video was completely improvised and took around 30 minutes to make


Watch the video here: