20+ Cutest Pet Criminal Duos

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It’s good practice to separate a pair of troublemakers, but what happens when those trouble makers are live-in pets? It’s bad enough when you have one dog or cat who likes to “redecorate” your apartment, but two mischievous pets can really go to town!

This list is our “police lineup” of pet crime duos that just didn’t know when to call it quits. But, as there’s no official jury to pass judgement, we call on you, Pandas, to vote on who’s the guiltiest! You can also submit your own guilty pet photos below.


Great teamwork

Dog shaming

This duo cannot be stopped

criminals duo

Is dog-shaming still a thing? Because their asses deserve this

Criminal duo

Barley & Chessy ate an entire box of cheez-its with little damage to the box or wrapper

-30 below zero i felt sorry for the birds, while I checked the wood stove the dogs ate the crumbs

The Leaky Cauldron

Dog Shaming: Am I doing it right?

I hump the guinea pig

Maltease me with those crotchless panties

My adopted doggies teach me something about patient every single day

partners in crime

Dog shaming

so shameful they made a canonical american novel out of it

My pug Vader and his sidekick Hank decided to treat themselves while I was at work

Sticky Situation

Went on a walkabout, got lost

Partners in crime

Dog Shaming

We ate the floor.. Because our mom mentioned she wanted to put down tile

Bailey & Hamilton’s Dog Shaming

Gunner likes to eat prescription eye glasses and Lena just lets him do it

dog shaming

Chico and Ginger. They can’t even look at me while I take the picture

Came home to both my Basset hounds “wearing” feminine hygiene products

Came home to see two very guilty faces

I left for a few hours and came home to a mess on the floor

Chloe likes to eat too fast and then puke it up, and while I was looking for something to clean it up with, Daisy ate it

Kodah & Goldie Both love the souls of our shoes

Classic dog shaming

When I thought my working day was over I came home to discover it was just beginning

criminals duo

criminal duo

partners in crime

criminal duo