15+ Hilariously Non-Photogenic Animals

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It’s not easy looking good for photographs, and that rule doesn’t just apply to humans. While smiling is a natural instinct for us homo sapiens (well, for some of us at least), it isn’t so easy for other animals. That’s not to say that they don’t try. They do. But as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda, they generally end up failing. Big time. They do however succeed in making us laugh.

Do you have any derpy pets that don’t know how to smile for the camera? Then add them to the list below and don’t forget to vote for the funniest!

Rosie is so photogenic

Image credits: pattiFM

So very photogenic

Image credits: Stinkywizzleteats

Meet my incredibly photogenic floof, Skye

Image credits: Definitelynotadogontheinternet

everyone has a photogenic dog and then there’s mine

Image credits: isaacttroyer

Ridiculously (un)Photogenic Dog

Image credits: hrdx27

Fletcher isn’t very photogenic, but he’s damn cute!

Image credits: isecretelyeatbunnies

kitty, are you stoned?

This little “tiger”

She used to be so photogenic

Image credits: frozenwaffl3z

As much as I love Mimi, she’s not very photogenic, but her pictures make for a pretty good laugh. Those eyes

Image credits: imgur.com

My chicken is very photogenic

Image credits: KhaleesiOfCats

My cat Dorrie isn’t very photogenic

Image credits: quietone77

My cat is very photogenic

Image credits: AElFFIE

Some Cats are photogenic. And then there’s Xander

Image credits: timebomb011

New post IngaKo images albums gallery profile favorites messages settings logout Next Post People ask me why there are so many pictures of my dog on my phone. I tell them it’s because she’s so photogenic!

Image credits: imgur.com

My goat is less photogenic, and I love her for it

Image credits: Chittensmop

My puppy isn’t very photogenic

Image credits: ThatBluBlockerGuy

le derpface

Image credits: imgur.com

Garrus, the most photogenic cat in the land!

Image credits: Sportabout123

My friend doesn’t have the most photogenic cat

Image credits: foamingturtle

Our new puppy isn’t exactly photogenic

Image credits: CrushingPumpkins

I see your photogenic Maine Coon and raise you…

Image credits: imgur.com

All of these photogenic cats… And then there’s my Moose

Image credits: imgur.com

I guess my cat isn’t very photogenic

Image credits: BigBananaBanana

My incredibly photogenic cat

Image credits: churlaychur

Our cat was so photogenic when he was a kitten

Image credits: imgur.com

Derpy little kitten

Image credits: SirJukesALot 36 comments

My new kitten isn’t very photogenic

Image credits: imgur.com

He’s so photogenic!

Image credits: BYAHBYAHBYAH

not so photogenic cat

Image credits: GodIsDeadLongLiveDog

this bat-cat

Image credits: tessa.lv

My photogenic fatty

Image credits: imgur.com

This is not a photogenic cat

Image credits: HeDiedForOurSpins

My cat is very photogenic

Image credits: imgur.com

My dog is extremely photogenic

Image credits: imgur.com

Yeah, my dog is not photogenic at all

Image credits: Whos_In_My_Pants

My dog is so photogenic it’s a wonder she hasn’t been asked to do an Iams commercial yet

Image credits: DignityHouse

Majestic Persian blep. My brother’s cat is too photogenic

Image credits: imgur.com

My Siberian Husky is so photogenic

Image credits: mkwipper